Elinchrom Trade-In Promotion

Purchase the new ELB 1200 at a sizeable discount when you trade in your old Ranger unit. Hurry, limited time offer.

Trade-In Process - Details

What Elinchrom products are eligible for trade in?

Any Free Style, Ranger RX, Ranger RX Speed or Ranger RX Speed AS with a minimum of one Ranger A or Ranger S flash head. Sorry, Quadra and ELB 400 products are not part of this program.

My Ranger has gone through a lot over the years, what condition does the gear have to be in?

Don’t worry. The units don’t have to be functional, but they do need to be complete ie: battery, pack, charger and a minimum of one head.

I own a number of Rangers, is there a limit per customer?

No. There is no limit to the number of Ranger Packs and Heads you can receive credit for. However you cannot combine multiple packs and heads into one trade-in offer and receive up to $1200 credit on a single ELB 1200 purchase. In other words, only one old pack and head can be traded in for credit on the purchase of one new ELB 1200 kit.

Can the trade in be done at my local camera store?

Yes! Photographers ready to upgrade are encouraged to bring their qualifying Ranger equipment to the authorized dealers below to receive $1200 off their ELB 1200 purchase instantly. Find your local dealer here.

When does the trade in program end?

The trade in offer is valid on purchases made until December 31, 2017.

High praise from, Michael Clark, one of the world’s leading adventure

On a recent shoot, Michael was invited by Elinchrom to put the ELB 1200 through a rigorous whitewater workout. In Michael’s estimation, the unit passed with flying colours, saying, “I don’t think there is any other flash system on the market that can deal with the torture we dished out and survive!“ While using the ELB 1200, “I got some of the best images of my entire career”. When you require a flash that’s powerful enough to light up a waterfall from 100 feet away, that’s fast enough to stop the cascade of water, and also versatile enough to light stunning portraits, the ELB 1200 is by far the most capable allpurpose battery-powered flash unit on the market. Strong, powerful, portable, lightweight and weather resistant – what’s not to like!"

Michael Clark, Adventure Photographer

What Are You Waiting For?

Check out your local dealers for trade-in details on this exciting promotion.

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"The ELB 1200 is hands-down the most advanced 1,200 Ws battery-powered strobe. It is ultra-dependable, insanely durable, super easy to use and the Hi-Sync functionality is unsurpassed by any other strobe on the market. In short, the ELB 1200 blows the doors off my old Rangers."

Michael Clark, Adventure Photographer

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