Redrock Microsystems LLC was founded in 2004 by a group of avid digital filmmakers. Their mission was to build a company that would appeal to filmmakers who are interested in producing high quality movie images but without access to huge budgets. Today, Redrock Micro is a company committed to bringing cinema-quality accessories to market at revolutionary prices.

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Redrock Micro Complete Cinema Packages Complete Cinema Packages

Redrock Micro DSLR Cinema Bundles DSLR Cinema Bundles Redrock Micro FollowFocus Micro FollowFocus

Redrock Micro M2 Encore and microX Bundles M2 Encore and microX Bundles Redrock Micro MatteBox Micro MatteBox Redrock Micro Shoulder Mount Micro Shoulder Mount
Redrock Micro MicroPod and MicroPowerPod MicroPod and MicroPowerPod